We build leaders who can really lead. We build the “Top Guns” of the business world.

Develop leaders: Become business Top Guns

Make no mistake: You need the best leadership development on the planet. And you need world-class instructors to teach your teams. You’ve found both here. Meet VMax Group.

VMax Group’s elite team of instructors delivers award winning, world-class leadership training that transforms organizations. It does so by building leaders who can truly lead. VMax Group does it by teaching the foundational teamwork principles taught at the US Air Force and Navy ‘Top Gun’ schools. The VMax Group is led by instructors from the Air Force Fighter Weapons School, and all of our elite fighter pilot instructors are focused on only one thing: Making your teams the very best they can be.

The best learning and development opportunities for your team start with elite instructors. VMax Group delivers the best instructional leadership training that transforms companies and organizations, creating cohesive teams based on the foundational principles of Top Gun schools.

Your Mission:

Develop Your Team with Coaching from ‘Top Gun’ Instructors

VMAX Group is the only business consulting firm led by real former Top Gun instructors. Our core leadership program, Top Gun Teamwork, offers key decision-makers and stakeholders a framework of success guided by Top Gun principles of team loyalty, trust, and accountability.

Join a Learning Cohort and Chart Your Path to Success

VMax Group offers year-round Top Gun Teamwork virtual training opportunities. Organizations have the option of augmenting their virtual training experience with in-person events to help scale the learning organization-wide. If you think your organization has what it takes to be a ‘Top Gun’ team, sign up to start your learning journey today.

We limit TGT to three hundred students per year and the seats fill up fast.

Join a Top Gun Teamwork Cohort: Leadership Training for Smaller Companies

Our Top Gun Teamwork ‘Combined Cohort’ is designed for small and medium-sized companies, typically with fewer than 250 employees. The Combined Cohort allows these companies to join forces with other companies to together learn how to facilitate “E.A.G.L.E. Planning,” “V.I.P.E.R Briefing,” and “F-4 Debrief” events, in addition to learning to build and grow Psychological Safety. A typical Cohort is made up of around 20-30 students from different companies in different industries.

The Combined Cohort combines a few weeks of self-paced online learning with 12 weeks of weekly group coaching led by VMax Group fighter pilot instructors. Each Cohort member is encouraged to lead seven E.A.G.L.E. Planning and seven F-4 Debrief sessions, driving engagement, buy-in, and performance from their teammates along the way.

Or Build a Custom Cohort: Top Gun Instruction for Larger Companies

Our Top Gun Teamwork ‘Custom Cohort’ is designed for larger companies that want their implementation training to be exclusive to their company. These Cohorts follow the same instructional approach as a Combined Cohort, but are conducted on a custom schedule. A VMax Group team member is also prepared to return three times to do on-site coaching and instruction as part of a quarterly follow-up and implementation approach unique to this program.

Custom Cohort training includes several weeks of self-paced online learning and ten weeks of weekly group coaching. Just like students in the Combined Cohort, each Cohort member is encouraged to lead seven E.A.G.L.E. Planning and seven F-4 Debrief sessions, documenting their experiences along the way. But unlike the Combined Cohort, a VMax Group coach will be following up each quarter to chart progress and further assist with implementation.

Explore Our Top Leadership Development Services

Award-Winning Leadership Workshops for Professional Growth

Prepare to engage in the most transformative leadership experience of your career. Book half-day, full-day or two-day “Debrief to Win” workshops and discover how teams solidify into unbreakable, unbeatable forces. These workshops redefine the meaning of “team,” focusing on unity, excellence, and accountability.

Top-Rated Keynote Speaking for Inspiring Leaders

We deliver impactful, life-changing, motivational keynote speaking engagements that elevate business functions and leave attendees inspired. Cujo’s message transforms teams and ignites ambitions, enabling businesses to soar to greater altitudes of success.

World-Class Business Consulting Services for Maximum Performance

VMax Group offers professional consulting services and virtual coaching sessions. Learn one-on-one from one of our high performance coaches and take your leadership potential to the next level. Use the form below to send us an inquiry or request.

About VMax Group

Retired Air Force fighter pilot Robert “Cujo” Teschner founded VMax Group in 2016. His vision: To teach businesses and organizations how to achieve true excellence. Cujo was himself the #1 graduate from his F-15C class at the US Air Force Fighter Weapons School. From 2004 to 2006, Cujo returned as an instructor, teaching the Air Force’s very best how to become substantially better. He was specifically in charge of teaching “Team of Teams Accountability” for the Air Force, and guided the development both of the vocabulary, as well as the methodology, of the post-mission Debrief. Eventually he would author the #1 Bestselling book, Debrief to Win based on what he learned teaching at the Weapons School.

While he was teaching, Cujo became aware of the absence of effective accountability practices in business. He also learned of the lack of effective leadership development available to small and medium-sized businesses. He aimed to one day help fill these voids. His ambition: Teach the same ethos, principles, and leadership skills taught to students at the Fighter Weapons School to business leaders. In so doing, he would help civilian organizations drive performance while improving engagement and trust. His reason for doing this was simple: Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy. These businesses must win for the country to be strong.

What is Top Gun?

Comparatively, the U.S. Navy’s “Top Gun” program, officially known as the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, was created in 1969 following air combat performance issues during the Vietnam War. While Top Gun has become widely known, especially through popular culture, the USAF Weapons School has served the same function of teaching tactical leadership at the highest level and is the complementary version of the Top Gun program for Air Force leaders.

Graduates of the USAF Weapons School possess a unique blend of leadership, accountability, and tactical expertise that is unparalleled. Their rigorous training in high-stakes environments ensures they excel in fostering high-performance teams. The principles they master—meticulous performance evaluations, continuous improvement, and strategic adaptability—are directly transferable to the corporate world.

Start your journey and become a Business ‘Top Gun’ today!

Client Testimonials: Top Gun Teamwork Creates a Flight Plan to Success

The Top Gun Teamwork program delivers winning results, developing strong teams understanding that loyalty, integrity, trust, and accountability lead to success. Learn how Top Gun Teamwork leads to transformational results.

Mission Complete:

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